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The Yelters Go to the State Fair

July 9th , 2006         Pictures of the Yelters at the state fair!

April 19th, 2006      Annette in Allendale Park
April 26th, 2006      Annette in Ridgewood Park

The purpose of the Yelters is to Yelter around.  We Yelter in the morning, Yelter in the afternoon
and sometimes yelter in the evening.

Its just a big Yeltin World
Play 54 MEGABYTE Yelters Movie (Originals) Play 4 MEGABYTE Yelters Movie
Yelter Movies require Windows Media Manager to Play.  The Large one is an
Mpeg2 mainstream* Encoding, the smaller one is a mov file and can run on
quicktime and Windows Media.


The BIG - Original sized Yelter Movie
54 Megs with music - Takes 5 to 10
minutes to download!!! using DSL,
3-4 Optima.
TheSMALL Yelters Movie 5 Megabytes
- Takes 1 minutes to download using
DSL, 20 seconds for Optima, and 15
minutes for Dial-UP
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